Emporium Brewing: The Gatbsy Of Quebec

I am not certain what the upbringing looked like for Microbrasserie Emporium out of Quebec City, but as it goes with all breweries, it comes with a lot of stress, hard work, and usually having to find investors who are willing to invest in risky business. I do not know of many breweries that have opened which have come from affluent backgrounds. They start as a dream, turn into a goal, then into endless hard work, and eventually lead to success. It is much the same with Jay Gatbsy from The Great Gatsby a novel by Fitzgerald. Gatsby was born from a poor family, found the right opportunity, and built an empire. Now naturally there is much speculation about this fictional character wealth, it is questioned to have been built by illegal means. Where as of course all breweries are built through legal means. Which requires even more struggle, time, patience and hard work. Even Capone was not a boss overnight. Why the focus on such a dubious character such as Jay Gatsby or Capone? Because Emporium brewing from Quebec displays that passion, drive and hard work and well, when I think of this brewery the first thought that comes to mind, is their very edgy, gold and line oriented can design, which resembles the design and pomp and circumstance from the 2013 film adaptation portraying that 1930s era. The graphic art was done by Olivier L. Pelletier, who you’ll hear about soon in an upcoming article! With that very dominant crow in the center, which makes me believe they must murder their beers! (Sorry a little crow joke in there, how could I resist that). This brewery first caught my eye due to their name but foremost due to their can design. Emporium. When I think of that word I think of an outpouring of lots and lots of people into one specified fixed location. Like an arena, with the center focus being an artist which you admire so deeply, or a stadium for a sports team you desire to win with ever nerve in your body. Or it could shrink to the confines of a small gallery and an admired artist you hope to meet. Whatever it may be that makes the butterflies churn in your stomach, that is what the word Emporium signifies to me. A confined or large space, where I hope to experience an intimate connection, something maybe I have longed for since this lock down, and the world we live in now or something I have dreamed of since I was 12 (meeting Slash from Guns N’ Roses, CHECK). Because within that time is when I truly experienced the marvel that is Microbrasserie Emporium from Quebec City. And “I’ve just heard the most amazing thing… and here I am tantalizing you, why Hello good sport” let me tell you about this amazing place in Quebec City called Microbrasserie Emporium.

Emporium Brewing started its humble beginnings with Jean-Francois Simard and Paolo Galizio working together at Archibald. They had a vision that culminated together to allow themselves to gain the confidence to depart from Archibald and set forth on a journey which would make them one of the top five new breweries in Quebec in my opinion. They wanted to create a brewery to showcase their abilities to the world, but before they get to that large scale, they obviously wanted to show Quebec what they can do. Emporium is Paolo, a native of Italy who studied at Universita Della Birra, Jean-Francois, who hosts a bachelor degree in Biology and owner/co-owner of other breweries, and Stéphanie Turcotte Genest, who runs the business side of things. With the three of them it seems like they got the perfect trio! And what they can do is have beer geeks like me go bonkers! So far what I have tasted has me hooked, I recently got lucky with some cans, and to tell you the truth, when Emporium shows up I’m Montreal, I’m there buying it if it is not already sold out! Here is two hazy beers I’ve fancied, and god I’m craving more!

Goon, is a 6.5% NEIPA. This can was not my first time consuming this beer. What really got me into them was having this one on pint at Pub Brewskey on one of their IPA days in May, and I was filled with glee to have a taste of this. With my first sip I was mesmerized and have never felt any different. Every other beer from Emporium I have tried so far has tantalized my taste buds! This Goon, has a great busting hoppy tropical aroma, and on the tongue as it settles and slithers down my throat sends an invigorating burst of tropical fruity hops. Along with a great balance it gives, it hits its climax of intense fruity hops and finishes of very easy and light.

Brain Juice is a bold 8% DIPA, a real juice for your brain, for reals. For reals. There is an incredible burst of orange once that pour came through, cant you tell by that orange juice color? I get a bunch of overripe melon along with that orange kick on the nose. That taste though sends loads of that juicy fruit, straight to your brain? Maybe I’m using juice and brain a little too much already, but it is what it is! This is legit a beer that sends juice to your brain! As a double it has a great balance of tropical fruits, lots of orange, peachy and pungent mango. With all the fruits and being a haze craze, it does not go light on the bitterness, it has a bold punch of bitterness on the end but finishes extremely clean. This is a bold DIPA with solid fruits notes, one to make your mind think (there I go again). That texture and mouth feel leaves you with a bliss you can’t truly explain, only with the expression it leaves on your face, like a much much happier Grinch evil smile! Xmas is around the corner, “That’s what its all about isn’t it!”

I was hoping to visit this incredible brewery in March, but with COVID taking over our lives, things took a sharp turn. What I hope for is everyone in the brewing industry holds strong, persevere, stays positive and ill be seeing many of you very very soon! In the meantime, if you can find Emporium on shelves, don’t hesitate to snag it! I recently got a 4pk of the Cupcake Monster from Cheers Boutique, and I will enjoy this delicious brew and more by Emporium as I can grasp my hands on em!

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