Messorem Bracitorium: The Grim Reaper Beckons

Messorem Bracitorium, opened its Brooklyn inspired tap room and brewery back in August, and in a mere seven months has made a name for itself that no one can spell. Getting messy with the mess. However complicated the name, once translated to English from its native Latin, presents us with a more clearer picture. Messorem means reaper and Bracitorium means brewery. Reaper Brewery, now we know what it is all about. Still not clear? Lets take you inside the brewery and into the minds of the three who made this reaper come to life.

Messorem Bracitorium began its venture when three heavy metal musicians collided with the second love of all heavy metal musicians. Beer. Marc-André Filion, Sébastien Chaput and Vincent Ménard, all played in their respect metal bands, some defunct and some still active. Lets meet the bachelors!

Bachelor number 1: Sebastien Chaput is the down picking chugger from Ion Dissonance, and since their touring life has slowed down considerably, he spent his time studying up on business management and finance, and handles all things numbers for the reaper.

Bachelor number 2: Vincent Ménard was the noise maker and stick breaker for The Last Felony, which no longer exists, however over the last decade he has spent his time as a brewer. Having brewed at facilities such as Auval, Pit Caribou and Les Trois Mousquetaires, he broke one too many sticks, and then decided to make his own for the reaper.

Bachelor number 3: Marc-André Filion, put his voice and soul into the defunct bands Orphans in Coma and Here Comes The Hurricane. Currently he now puts his powerful voice rapping for La Carabine. He dedicated his time studying design and marketing and now puts his voice and soul into can labels and marketing for the reaper.

All three bachelors sold their soul to the devil, or snagged the pick of destiny or something, because they have garnered a mass following, and crafted some of the dankiest, haziest s*** in Montreal. Okay so, they probably aren’t bachelors, but for this article, Ted just… just.. okay? Now back to my story. The three of these “bachelors” together combined the perfect combination of color, numbers, and liquids to open the doors to one of the many new comers to shine in 2019, and change the Montreal craft beer landscape towards a newer direction. Together with another notable mention, Brewskey Pub and Taproom, have started a large shift in the styles of beers being produced in this fine ville we live in. And following in the large footsteps of other rule breakers not far from here, Brasserie Du Bas Canada. Brewing not only hazy IPAs and DIPAs, but blessing us with pastry stouts and smoothie sours alike. Couple the new styles, with the “bachelors” (I really dont know why my brain went to this, but lets just stick with it, it started with me listing each one and introducing them, and then now its too late), and the aesthetic of the brewery and you get a new brewery on the rise to fame and success.

The brewery itself has a super dope Brooklyn inspired vibe. Surrounded by red bricks, industrial lights, expansive ceilings, and green plants that encompass the wall of the taps. This is a place I would love to be every Saturday to kick back some solid beers to start the afternoon or spend an evening at with friends, but I would tread lightly, most of their beers are high in ABV falling in the range of 8% – 11%. Its a doozy when you spend a night there.

They already have released an extensive amount of different beers in cans as well as on tap at the brewery. I’ve managed to get my hands on as many as I could to share some thoughts about it and there was no better way to do it than to talk about two massive collaborations they released, with another game changing brewery in Quebec, and new players and shakers and movers from Ontario. Brasserie Du Bas Canada and Wood Brothers Brewing respectively.

“For several months now, we have been sharing our ideas and working together to create beers that align with these microbreweries. Beers that we personally would like to drink.” – Marc-André Filion

Messorem x Wood Brothers Juse De Fosse 
DIPA || ABV: 8.4% || IBU: –

The aroma on this beast just gives off a straight up in your face, or rather in your nose, danky fruity hops. I can sense a nose of some overripe melon and some citrus dancing around. To the taste it is a titillating juicy and hoppy with a solid clean and dry finish. This beer although 8% goes down smooth like a clean slip on ice during a winter in Montreal. You know the one, where your body tightens and you become stiff and your whole body just tilts, slides and you just ever so gently (but actually with force) land horizontal on the ground. Yes that. It has this amazing balance between the tropical fruity hops, the dry finish and its ever so gentle bitterness.

Messorem x Du Bas Canada Green Et Flatte 
DIPA || ABV: 8.0% || IBU: –

The aroma for this one is a bit tame, not much comes upfront. It has a delicate icing of tropical fruits, just there on the top, just a little bit. To taste it hits you with a light rush of tropical hoppy fruits, and a big punch of bitterness. Overall not many flavor points are coming to mind, but there is a hint of guava and maybe some peach. I am enjoying the bold bitter punch it gives off along with balanced sweetness and tropical fruits, and no heat from the abv, this does go down nicely!

Messorem Ceremonie
Imperial Stout || ABV: 11.9% || IBU: –

No talk about Messorem would be complete without talking about this 11.9% behemoth. It is the first stout they released in bottles. A bourbon stout with coconut, vanilla, and a touch of milk sugar. The aroma sings with coconut and the taste is a thick sticky mouthfeel with roasted coconut and a bourbon vanilla sweetness to end it all. Goes down smooth, and tastes delicious!

Apart from these three delights, Messorem continues to hammer out one great beer after the other, they have gotten some criticism about releasing their beers a bit too green, but I usually wait a week or two before opening any can, to avoid any green flavors floating around. A part from that you can’t touch this! More to come… stay tuned.

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