Pub Brewskey: Smooth Operator

Brewskey is the culmination of three individuals from various skills coming together to create a timeless experience brewing craft beer and experimental brew for the masses. It includes a romantic couple Karine and Derrick, along with Guillaume. When I started writing about my love for beer, I was meeting some fellow writers who called me out for drinks at a cozy British style tavern called Brewskey on the eastern outskirts of Old Montreal. I fell in love with the atmosphere and some of their beers they had available on tap. Since that first discovery of Brewskey, they have certainly come a long long way. After a long time in the British caverns, much like The Beatles from Liverpool (Kopite for life mate!), They opened a large expansive taproom below their original spot. They have been releasing cans from the new taproom at a very fast pace and recently just celebrated their one year anniversary. I knew the moment they were going to can some of their beers that I had to be a part of this. I needed to taste it in can as it came off the line. I just had to! And what a wonderful experience not only to taste it on site at their new taproom but also with some goodie bags to take home, sip on and really think about where this place is headed and where its humble origins have come from. And guess what all roads lead to heaven. The new taproom showcases the views of old port, as it should be seen, with a very serene view and an even better view with that extensive tap list. Oh these times they are a changing. On this is Pub Brewskey.

On that note, there has been another pandemic on the horizon for at least a year here in Quebec. Yes there is this bloody COVID, which has flipped us upside down and sideways, but there has been one in beer too. It started from our neighbors in the south, but has very rapidly spread to the north. And its called smoothies. A lot of non traditional brewers tend to hate this style, and often vocally voice their opinions. And although I do find it a strange style, I am nor a hater, nor a pure lover. But I got to say, it is damn good still. Who really cares so much if it deters from tradition, every new generation deters from tradition, and that is the point, progressive attitude. This doesn’t in any way mean the hard work so many traditionalist have paved for this progressive view is irrelevant. I will still enjoy my old age tradition, but I will also stay open for the new. So below are some of the fruity, smoothies that Brewskey has become kings and a Queen at, as well as their most solid peanut-y greatness times 2!

Brewskey imperial P-nut Buster
Stout – Pastry || ABV: 9.0% || IBU: 40

When I first drank this peanut filled stout, I turned, from a peanut hater, to a peanut lover. No, I have not given peanut butter another chance since my childhood, but this beer certainly teases me to try it again. I was never a fan of PBJ sandwiches. Rather I would do JC sandwiches, jam and cheese all the way. So this now is the double version of the regular P-nut buster. And its definitely no surprise that peanut shouts out at me right after a nice silky pour. Hello peanut, I hate you, but I love you. As you sip this down, you get a full dose of super creamy peanut without the heat of the alcohol and a solid roasted quality. It has a very nice sticky, chappy mouthfeel which coats your mouth like motor oil which in this case is delicious. Its very smooth and the booze does not shine, it stays mellow and in place. The bitterness is light and all your left with is a peanut butter, roasty, and a balanced bitterness from the coconut shaves. I usually do not fancy that bold coconut, because to me it tends to add too much sweetness, with this beer it gives just that slight bitterness which the beer could use to balance it out. The cacao nibs seem to be a bit shy with this beer, not really making too much of an appearance which is okay. The texture certainly makes up for that and the dominant peanut attack is very welcome. This is what I would call all peanut mostly peanut everything, but oh so damn good!

Brewskey Brewcake Fraise
Sour: Fruited Berliner || ABV: 5.0% || IBU:

Here is that smoothie to the max, pours chunky, chunky, chunky, and looks like a fruit bomb. Aroma is exploding with strawberry fart juice, in the best way imaginable. I know farts aren’t very grand smelling but this ones is. It is what we dream farts would smell like. It burst this amazing strawberry up your ass kinda attitude. The taste has an explosion of fresh strawberry, and strawberry can act as an aphrodisiac so we all hear. So give your man or lady a Brew Cake Fraise and a thumbs up may follow? Well I don’t know about your private performance, after this one, but what I do know is I fancy this. it has that chunky mouthfeel, with the great burst of strawberry flavours, and a very light balanced dry finish.

Brewskey Brew Juice Peche Et Abricot
Sour: Fruiter Berliner || ABV: 5.2% || IBU: –

This smoothie, pours that same lacy thick like as the Fraise, but the aroma and taste are marginally different. This ones showcases Peach and Apricot. The peach is a very juicy, pungently dripping fruit. At least when it is not hard. (This article seems to have taken a very intimate turn). But lets get back to beer rather than the birds and bees. The beauty I see most about this version is the fruitiness from the peach and the bitterness of the apricot salsa really well together. They compliment each other to create a more complex smoothie style Berliner, far drier and more of a sour attack. This one is a battle of two different worlds, yet still successful!

Brewskey has really gone from quiet, to a reigning titan. And they still continue that dominance of the Montreal beer scene along with Massoreaum Brectiorum (messing with the mess ;)). Head to Brewskey Pub in old port of Montreal for a wonderful experience of hoppy contraptions, stouts and silky, chunky Berliners, but don’t forget your mask!

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