Auval: Wild StarBursts

Auval is no stranger to most craft beer nuts living in Quebec. Since its inception it has grown and grown and grown. Not its production size or its distribution but, its popularity and recognition of true class. Some might argue Auval is playing games with our hearts and not expanding its production and, I for one agree, it is playing with our hearts by not expanding. Others might say it’s a marketing ploy, keep production low, create rarity and increase the “need to get” philosophy in to the mind of the consumers. Whatever theories people may have, it simply boils down to one factor. What does Ben want to do? And that is all that truly matters, am I heart broken I don’t have easy access to this nectar of the gods? Indeed, but I will just have to work that much harder to get me some because, what Ben wants to do with his business, well, is none of our business. If he wishes to keep it small, he keeps it small, if he wishes to use a marketing tactic, it’s his business model, critics will always be critics. I am just happy to see Bens’ vision of this brewery come to life and sustain itself within the bounds of craft beer excellence. There are many great brewers and breweries in Quebec. But I knew we always needed a brewery with the height of Auval and alas, we have our crowned king. I am truly proud to see such changes in the way the world sees Quebec as a brewing community and it continues to grow, I can only but smile!

My Auval mojo was strong for some time until recently, where now I’m left only with 2 bottles! But I’m sure I’ll get my hands when the time comes around. I finally had the opportunity to snag a bottle of Framboise Sauvage, and having previously had Framboise 2018, I figured not a bad time to compare the tame with the wild, or shall I rather say, the wild with the absolutely wild. Lets talk about these ruby red jewels! shall we?

Auval Framboise 2018 
Fruit Beer || ABV: 5.6% || IBU: –

The Framboise is a blended beer re-fermented a top raspberries and aged in Oak. Oak is what I love when it comes to Auval, the oak always shines well with every beer that is oak aged, and that oaky feel mixed with the fruits really does an exciting number on the palate. It adds a sense of dynamism to aid the tart and sour to a more balanced feel without exacerbating the intricacy of the fruits.

The beer itself has that great balance of sour and tart, along with a puckering raspberry burst, and a very nice clean oaky finish. There is something weird about the yeast, which I cant really nail, but regardless, It is an absolute fantastic journey drinking this beer. I would certainly be curious as to what is giving way to just that slight taste of oddness. It is the sole off putting aspect of this beer for me and I wish I could say more about that part.

Auval Framboise Sauvage 
Fruit Beer || ABV: 5.8% || IBU: –

The difference between these two is the Framboise Sauvage uses the same blend of beers for the most part, but re-fermented with wild raspberries so some crazy f**ks, beastly, untamed and leaders of the revolution. This has the same qualities of the regular Framboise, but with a bit more fruit attack I feel, maybe also a dryer finish? Not sure how that would make sense. I also find this one is not as balanced for me, but heck its wild eh? Rebel rebel, revolution shall not be televised.

Words + Photography by Hopcitizen

Your Ordinary Beer Citizen

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