Brasserie Du Hypa!

Brasserie Du Bas-Canada, located in Gatineau, Quebec just across Ottawa, Ontario, is a fairly young brewery but they have already started to make a large impact on the microbrewery community in Quebec. One of their IPAs titled Hypa has had a great reception amoung craft beer fanatics. As it hits the shelves, so it goes. I was lucky to get some help from my buddies at Maltehops, my local beer store in Verdun, and got a chance to try some of their beers so that I can share my thoughts with you, with a hopcitizen touch of course, whatever that may be.

The idea for this brewery began two years ago between two home brewers, Gabriel Girard Bernier and Marc-André Cordeiro Lima. They officially opened their doors in November of 2017 and like I said since then have received some great feedback on their beers. By putting out beer they personally enjoy to drink, the pair have captivated the beer community and made beers that the community has been searching for. Along with some new breweries over the past 2 years, Du Bas-Canada is in for the competition.

I have been really excited to try the raved Hypa IPA and thus far all I really know about it is the fact that it is highly sought after and hard to get a hold of here in Montreal. I reached out to Gabriel to ask a quick word about the series.

“The grain bill and the hops change in order to keep the same mouth feel but with different expression of the hops”  – Gabriel Bernier

It swiftly leaves the shelves as fast as it was delivered. So finally after getting the Hypa #3 I was sad about not being able to get my hands on previous releases but, I was told by Gabriel that Hypa #2 will be making its return soon! So keep an eye out and get your running shoes ready! Should hit stores in the upcoming days! Until then you can get your mouth watering by hearing about three of their beers I had the chance to taste including the Hypa #3.

Hypa #3
American IPA || ABV: 7% || IBU: –


Poured into my favorite glass for IPAs, a Teku, haters gonna hate! The appearance is very creamy, thick and hazy as heck! Super haze. The aroma has a great juicy, oaty feel to it. Almost like that of some of the IPAs from Other Half.


Taste is good, juicy and pungent tropical hops. But not an attack of fruity hops like most hazy IPAs, rather its very light. Unique in the way it attacks your palate. Rather than the juice kicking you in the nuts, you are met first with an explosion of bitterness with a serene backbone of juicy fruity hops. I haven’t had a beer that has these opposite order qualities. This is the first where the backbone is fruits and the upfront is the bitterness. Not to say that the bitterness over powers it. You get that nice bitter kick, and then the fruits take hold of the taste buds later in a very relaxed way and maintains till the end. Along with the fruits on the finish the bitterness returns very slightly. This new feel and take on how the hops interact with their own bitterness is very captivating for me. Not sure others felt this as well, but this how how my taste perceived the beer. Would love to hear comments on your own experiences!


Over all its super balanced and easy to drink. Especially for a 7% abv. It’s some solid stuff! Winner winner chicken dinner, Hit that jackpot for me.

Los Tabarnacos – Mango
Milkshake IPA || ABV: 6.5% || IBU: –


I love me some milkshake IPAs. As does the rest of the world. I grew up and haven’t outgrown my intense sugar tooth. So when I hit up a burger joint, I usually go hard. Double burger with cheese, fries and a massive f**king milkshake as a drink. Take my sweet tooth for milkshakes and combine it with beer? I’ve got puppy dog eyes and a waggy tail, as BAOS would say, get it in ya, as I will say, get it f**king in me and all over me! Yum. Dirty to fast? I’ll never grow up I swear.


This is the second milkshake IPA Du Bas-Canada has released. Previously they released a pineapple version, this one is the mango! The appearance is a solid hazy yellow and that aroma just explodes on the nose, crazy amounts of fruits and lactose.

Taste is absolutely stunner. I am really enjoying that great mouth feel, so juicy, so pungent. Not too sweet on the vanilla point, which is a hit or miss. I do like when the vanilla is strong, but I also like when its more mellow. So it goes either way for me. The vanilla is just a light sliver. Kinda makes the milkshkae ipa experience a bit better too with this one. Super light and easy to drink, making it easier to slam this 950ml can and gear in for a night of smiles.


American Pale Ale || ABV: 5.5% || IBU: –


This beer was more of an experiment for Du Bas-Canada. Brewed with 100% Oats and low carb. The pour definitely showcases the low carb, just a light line of head which disappears very quickly. It has an almost thick jelly like appearance, and the aroma hits you with a very creamy, hoppy intensity with a slight grain backbone.



The taste for me is on point, the low carb does tend to feel a bit strange, but flavour wise it’s juicy, creamy, and grainy. Almost reminds me a bit of Trillium DDH Congress Street. Both have similar qualities in terms of the taste, the mouthfeel is naturally different and the Gruau has a bit of a sharp kick at the end.

Although the focus of the brewery was on hoppy and Belgian style beers with a focus on a small barrel program, their output of hoppy beers has taken over. But rest assured some interesting conceptual and complex beers will be coming around soon from this up and coming brewery. I for one am definitely excited to see where they go, Along with Maltstrom and Auval, Brasserie Du Bas-Canada have been added to my list of favorites out of Quebec.

Words + Photography by Hopcitizen

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