Treehouse: A Playground for Adults

Currently seen as some of the most sought after beer, Treehouse Brewing has imprinted itself on the map like ducklings would to its mother. After a single sip you are transported and the addiction begins to grow on you; You will never get enough. Recently Massachusetts has pushed the boundaries of brewing and deservedly placed it self on the global beer map as the go to state for phenomenal craft beer. Brewed in very limited quantities and extremely hyped, Treehouse’s beers truly live up to their glorified state. And their offerings are very similar to Trillium Brewing in terms of mouth feel, juicyness and tropical explosions. Three breweries from Massachusetts have really impressed me recently, Treehouse Brewing being one, Wormtown Brewery another and the last is Trillium Brewing, whom I have a current love affair with. (Don’t tell my wife). I was lucky enough to be invited over by a Montreal based home brewer called The Wild Shack for a afternoon of sharing beer. On the menu was some Treehouse, Trillium, De Garde, Dieu Du Ciel, Alchemist, Auval and many more. The guys at The Wild Shack are nothing short of down to earth beer drinkers, and any beer share with them is sure to bring a lot of joy! And no its not just because of the beer or alcohol, they truly are two gents who bring on a good time. Without further due, I give you Bright, Green and Julius, Treehouse is truly a playground for adults!

Imperial IPA
ABV: 7.8%
IBU: 75

Canned: Feb 19, 2016
Drank: Feb 25, 2016

I managed to get my hands on Bright through a trade with some Trillium and it all happened by chance! Sure to say I was happy, or was I hoppy? Enough with the lame jokes. This can is super Fresh and the aromas are absolutely mad! It has crazy hop notes exploding out of the can and after the pour they intensify even more. Tropical out the *** I’d say. It’s like Hawaii just tsunami-d all over my face, and not in the dirty way. The Taste can only be described by three little words “OH MY GOD!” It is truly a hop bomb, the hops explode on your palate with crazy notes of tropical fruits coming from the Mosaic hop, and it has very minimal bitterness for a 7.8% ABV. Can someone say mosaic much? This is an incredible beer. Love it love it love it! I had a Revolution Brewing Mosaic Hero back in October in Chicago, also exclusively hopped with mosaic hops but this one is much more a tropical explosion, very juicy, very hop forward. Danky and pungent just the way I like it.
Makes you feel like that moment at the end of the movie This is the End, where
suddenly The Backstreet show up in heaven, and Jay Baruchel has that look on his face, the look of excitement, shock and amazement. They then burst into Backstreets Back, don’t joke I know you like it, I mean come on.. who are we kidding. Backstreets back alright? (Don’t worry I hate pop music I blame my elder sister for that). An incredible beer which perfectly showcases the mosaic hop and you gives you a real taste for its vibrant flavours. If you can get a can of this, take my advice don’t trade it, Drink it!


ABV: 7.5%
IBU: 90

Canned: Feb 3, 2016
Drank: Feb 15, 2016

Also tried very fresh however, in comparison I’d have to go with Bright over this one. Green is a very grassy and resinous style IPA. It’s not so much a tropical hop explosion, but you can feel a little sense of the tropical notes but with an added piney/grassyness. It stands a lot more bitter than Julius but the mouth feel still sits similar. Grassy followed by sharp lingering bitterness. Enjoyable still and a great brew! But wouldn’t say it’s the style I most enjoy in an IPA. I’m a hop head, and to me a bitter IPA isn’t a hoppy IPA. A hoppy IPA for me is one where the tropical characteristics of the hop really explode. Even though many hop varieties have a more grassy characteristic, I wouldn’t consider those characteristics as what is known on the street as “hoppy.” (Which doesn’t really have a set definition any how). Thus to me this is an IPA by definition, even though it’s more grassy, but it’s certainly not a hoppy one, in my opinion, or at least not hoppy enough for me.



Treehouse Julius
ABV: 6.8%
IBU: 72



Canned: Feb 3 2016
Drank: Feb 15 2016

Julius has that amazing pillow-y mouth feel and it’s very easy drinking! It has that spectacular tropical peachyness similar to some of Trillium’s IPAs and DIPAs. The nose is out of this world with strong aromatics of fruits and very hoppy. Settles in as a hop explosion on my end. Very nice citrusy hop hits blended in with that great peachy pungent flavour land this IPA as the hoppy IPA style I adore. The bitterness is very balanced and doesn’t linger allowing the bitterness to compliment the IPA rather than overpower it. It maintains the notes of the tropical fruits and the bitterness just rests on the sidelines and slowly dissipates. Truly a great example of the style of IPAs I enjoy most. A lot of the times the hype created behind a beer can ruin the taste for an individual, but I have to say, even with my high expectations, Julius holds pretty strong. It is really well known in the beer world that hype and high expectations plays a very strong psychological role on how we perceive the beer, thus influencing our taste buds and causing a very outstanding beer to fall far short from its expected outcome. Taking into consideration another psychological play, I have to give a hand to their can design. From a psychological stand point it works perfectly to make the tropical notes shine even more. With that great orange colour anyone is sure to be thinking tropical before taking a sip of this big bold juicy IPA. Treehouse 1, Beer Hype 0.


Written by HopCitizen. Photography by HopCitizen.

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