Article 100: Top Quebec IPAs Pt.2

It has taken longer than I expected, but I have finally reached the milestone of my 100th article. For the occasion I wanted to cycle back to my older article for the top Quebec IPAs, which can be read here. Since that time back 4 springs ago, things have drastically changed in the Quebec beer market, which makes me both extremely excited as well as a bit nervous. Excited because it makes me proud as a future Canadian, and a current Quebec resident, to be able to list a host of world class microbreweries to recommend to people. Who may come from other parts of Canada or my old and new friends in the United States. To be able to showcase our amazing scene up here in this tundra land is a true pleasure. Now that certainly does not mean we did not have world class breweries up here previously, there are some older giants who shall never be forgotten, but it is exciting to talk about the rise of the number of younger breweries and their take on classic styles as well as their development in newer ones. That part makes me nervous, so many beers, so little time. This list below includes 10 IPAs which I personally found spectacular from Quebec. Now, yes they are not all IPAs, so before you dive in, I should mention it includes all categories of IPAs, doubles, triples, milkshakes and so on. Second, they are in no specific order. And, lastly they are only ones that I have personally drank, if you have suggestions for others in your own personal opinion I would love to seek them out and add further to my next list! And just another note before we begin this trek, it was f***ing hard to come up with this list. There are a lot of beers that I would’ve loved to also included, but then it would be a very long list. So here it is how it stands updated for 2020, version two Mo’ Fo’s lets have a look!

Brasserie Du Bas Canada Hypa IV
IPA || ABV: 6.5% || IBU:

Brasserie Du Bas Canada would naturally make my list. Most of you may know by now that I usually find their DIPAs a bit too sweet for my personal taste. That is not a stab at Du Bas Canada, their DIAs are still very solid, but just not my preference. However their Hypa line of IPAs has always really captivated me! Hypa IV no matter how many times I drink it, always succeeds to soothe my soul. P.S they are having a release this weekend you can find details here.

Messorem Bracitorium We’re All Doomed
TIPA || ABV: 9.1% || IBU:

Messorem Bracitorium, are the kings of hazy for Montreal in my opinion, alongside Pub Brewskey, they have really laid the groundwork for IPAs to battle our down south neighbors. Some may debate whether we are in the north-east, which has been the hazy beer definition, but I have said many times, this ain’t no north-east, this is our south-east, and our sh*t is just hazy! This beer is a great example of pure Canadian hazy south-east juice, with its juicy grainy taste, and light easy drinking body, to its smooth end! Believe it or not, it’s a triple! It drinks as smooth as an IPA, and so it exists on my list!

Auval Simcoe Citra IPA
IPA || ABV: 6.5% || IBU:

Auval, as many know, have been taking over the scene in terms of extreme hype. If any one, who is anyone knows, Auval goes fast. Very fast. I was lucky during this time of unfortunate lock down, to get my hands on the most Auval I have in three years, yes three years, or it seems, it gets there fast, and its gone before I can say A-U-V-A-L. Least to say I got my hands on this IPA, and its Mr. Bombastic! Say you’re fantastic! Shaggy!

Pub BreWskey Regle De Trois
Triple IPA || ABV: 10.0% || IBU: 60

My Pub Brewskey times always go a long way, and lets skip the long story explaining my connection to them, lets just start to say that this one hits close to home. Guilluame can explain to you how me and him connect, if all you ask him is LIVERPOOL and Old Dublin. There is definitely more to that story. But for now let us focus on this small, brew pub from the Old Port of Montreal, which turned itself into a power house brewery from the old port. And this beer, is another triple, but hot dam. It slays, like the sharpest knife you ever came across and feared! One of the smoothest triple IPAs I’ve drank, second to Du Bas Candas #gatieaauistrending. It has a solid grainy nelson thang to it. Super smooth and easy, with a punchy fruity tropical kick. Super light and balanced!

Brasserie Du Bas Bank Hotel
IPA || ABV: 7.1% || IBU:

There cannot be an updated list with at least one, two, or three beers from Du Bas Canada. Having started in 2016, they have started the trend of hazy juicy IPAs in Quebec, following the footsteps of Boreal, but leveling up. This beer is one of my personal favorites from them. It utilizes a hop only some use, Sabro. This hop showcases a tropical, coconut, hay wearing, sweet juiciness, that I have not tasted in any beer locally. Also it contains a velvety smooth body and a great balance.

Sir John Adam & Eve (lotus & Citra)
IPA || ABV: 6.4% || IBU: 50

Sir John Brasserie, is a fairly new discovery, but they are very fast becoming a large chapter (pun intended) in my hazy IPA discovery from Quebec. Not very far from the main Montreal area, if you want to get there, it’ll take maybe 1hr or less. And it is certainly worth it. After discovering their beers, their title spoke to me, as if a bush from the beyond. This is Adam & Eve. Stop your sinning and drink this. It has a tantalizing aroma, followed by a super creamy texture and a nice hoppy, balanced flavor, that eases you to a refreshing sip. Very delicate, smooth and clean!

Kahnawake Brewing Wizard!
IPA || ABV: 7.1% || IBU: 47

Kahnawake, is a First Nation territory on the south shore of Montreal, and a very important one, not just to showcase the history of the Natives who have lived on this land long before, Montreal was named Montreal, but also because Drew is one of the peeps in charge of the first Native territory brewery in Quebec, Kahnawake Brewing, and the beers that he drops are hazy and down right delicious! So I had to mention this beer, Wizard, its hoppy light, tropical, balanced and easy to crush, even with the 7.1% ABV.

Brasserie Du Bas Canada Hypa XI
IPA || ABV: 6.5% || IBU:

It does seem a bit unfair that there are three Du Bas Canada beers on this list, but these Hypa are too tasty to not include. And it was hard to narrow them down to select only one! While Hypa IV was a personal favorite, the XI which came out recently, and I snagged a can of, was in my opinion the best of the lot so far. It has this amazing soft, subtle feel but still the grand punch of juicy hops. To top it off it is naturally super smooth and easy to drink.

Messorem Bracitorium Pause Vitale
IPA || ABV: 6.1% || IBU:

Messorem Bracitorium are known for their insanely high ABV Double IPAs and Triple IPAs, heck I think some of their IPAs are also bordering the Double IPA boundary. However I am a devoted fan of their lighter Pale Ales and IPAs. Such as Pause Vitale, and recently the Avant/Apres. I find my taste buds tend to gravitate towards lower ABV hoppy ales. The Pause Vitale is a solid light, fruity IPA with notes of melony, tropical fruit kicks.

Le Castor Aussieland
IPA || ABV: 6.3% || IBU:

The second ever Quebec IPA I tried was the Le Castor Yakima IPA. A stellar beer then, a stellar beer still. But times have changed, and so have some of the older breweries. Le Castor has recently been releasing a new line of beers which have been focusing on the more hazy nature. And they have truly not disappointed. Perhaps some might have required some fine tuning, but the Aussieland, not only a nod to the country of my birth, but also a super solid hoppy IPA with hops from down under. This beer is all tropical everyday. The aroma burst tropical fruits, the taste give off juicy tropical fruits, along with a citrus zest, a lemon peel, orange, peach and pineapple, making the perfect beach cocktail. Add a clean smooth finish, with a bit of chalky dust, and you have a beer I will buy in loads for this coming lockdown summer. Also can be enjoyed on a Sydney beach, as the great whites swim around. Stay out of the water!

A last honorable and notable mention is Emporium Goon. Microbrasserie Emporium are doing some solid stuff out there in Quebec City, more on them very soon!! Keep an eye out. I would love to hear which beers are your top Quebec hoppy contraptions! Cheers!

Your Ordinary Beer Citizen

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