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Sutton Brouerie is a microbrewery located in the eastern townships south of Montreal. Having opening last winter it only recently began its distribuiton and its rise in popularity in the Quebec beer scene. What makes this brewery particularly interesting is it is an Inn acting as a brewery as well! Or a brewery acting as an Inn! Whichever way you look at it, it still stands as awesome! You can enjoy the delights of beer and food but also enjoy a great nights rest! They also offer some great ski packages and offer Jazz and Swing music Friday evenings from 6pm – 8pm. All the details can be found on their website. I would love to visit the brewery and inn one day, but convicinving the wife will be a mission to mars and back. Wish me luck! For now, there are three beers which I would particularly like to speak about in this article and I have summarized my experiences with those beers below. They continue to create new beers and I am sure to keep drinking their great brew and exploring their take on craft beer.

Sutton Bobonom
American Pale Ale || ABV: 6.0% || IBU: 31


This pale ale was suggested to me by a good blogger friend and for good reason. It has the same aroma and likelness to Three Foyds Alpha King. It isn’t a very hoppy explosive style pale ale, but rather it has a very nick hop kick with a wonderful amber feel to complete the beer. It is very smooth and doesn’t rely on just the hops to create a dynamic beer which is a very impressive feat. This beer is more focused on other flavours to make it shine rather than just relying on the hops. When it comes to hopped up beers we often forget that it is not always just about hops! This beer has a nice fluffy bitterness similar to a red ale with some great hop notes and fantastic finish of amber and malts. Not the typical pale ale that im used to, but I am really enjoying it and im sure to enjoy this often when I am not off exploring the next beer! (But really does that ever end? Probably not).


Suttom Iroquois
Porter || ABV: 7.0% || IBU: 41
Bottled: May 3, 2016 || Drank: May 19, 2016

Porters are one of my favorite styles behind IPAs, and I’ve had the opportunity to try few porters from Quebec. Many of them tend to turn away from the roasted malts and create a very strong sense of rustic wateryness. However there are those from Quebec that truly shine and roasted malts are where they always turn. Although this beer was not included in my recent Quebec Porter article, I was saving it to include here as part of a larger Sutton coverage. The aroma gives of a great but very light roasty malts flavour and a hint of rustiness. It is very watery and very light on the roasted malts but well executed and balanced. It is not the watery rustic mess some porters can taste like. It is what I call a very delicate porter, it has the subtlety of the roasted malts along with a sense of the wateryness or light body but without losing its way. The drinkability of this beer is fantastic especially considering its 7% ABV, most porters are usually on the lighter ABV side but some take that bold step and it works, such as this one here!


Sutton Bee Bop
Saison || ABV: 5.8% || IBU: –


Saisons have become a thing of beauty for me ever since stepping my feet onto the rubble filled driveway of Hill Farmstead brewery. Of course when in search of saisons that are comparable one tends to be met with disappointment. Hill Farmstead cannot be compared to any other beers. But saisons are actually a thing from Europe and the Hill Farmstead saisons are an American take on it, a good one in my opinion. Where as I feel the Hill Farmstead beers are leaning more towards tart saisons, other saisons are usually more focused on the yeast over the tastness. This saison from sutton is somewhere in the middle, although it has no sense of tartness, it has doesn’t have the sense of overpwoering european yeasts either. It is a very nice balanced middle ground saison and I love it! I can taste that nice French yeast which it touches very light on and feel the european yeasts in the distance. Very crisp and delicate where as in something like saison Dupont, the saison yeast explodes in your face. Well done chaps!


I am excited to continue my exploration of Sutton’s other beers and most definietly excited for a visit to the Auberge!

Written by HopCitizen. Photography by HopCitizen.

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