Dunham: Back in Black

As is the case with Great Lakes Brewery, Brasserie Dunham are the hop devils of Quebec. It is well known within Quebec that if you are in search of some really hop forward beers, Dunham is the way to go. Their amazing line of IPAs called the Cyclope series is sure to tantalize any hop heads taste buds. The Cyclope series is a numbered release which follows the Greek alphabet. They can only be found, depending on which Greek letter they are at, when they are brewed and released. But furthermore they have a year round Pale Ale that can be picked up at all craft beer stores and is guaranteed to meet your fancy. I consider it one of the top Pale Ales to come out of Quebec alongside Ma Brasserie’s Tribale Pale Ale. Dunham also produces a very hoppy black IPA line which includes the Black IPA as well as the Imperial IPA. A fantastic mixture of roasted malts, intense amounts of hops and a crisp balanced bitter finish are what make these two beers so great to drink down. It pleases the taste buds with flavour as well as pleases the heart with a fist full of metal. The Imperial Black IPA is a winter seasonal beer and Dunham is definitely Back In Black.

Black IPA

ABV: 5.7%
IBU: 95

Bottle date – Unkown
Consumed – March 16, 2016

The immediate smell I am getting is a bit stale. Seems to me maybe the hops are already a bit faded or what I call hop dead. Which tells me it is likely an older bottle date. No matter, it has an amazing roasty malty aroma which is sure to be a delight. Even though a Black IPA is a dark beer, it is still an IPA and should be consumed fresh, but the roasted malts can transform this beer into a more complex flavour bomb with time. If you are a hop head drink it fresh! Taste is very strong malty and a bit rustic. It is something I could certainly enjoy again. I have not yet checked the RateBeer on this one, but I can easily say it has a great rating. Rb says? Drum roll… 98 and 96 by style. I don’t agree so much with the high rating, but I know a second more fresh trial will likely produce a similar rating. I can really tell how this beer may be whilst still fairly fresh and can judge that it will be absolutely fantastic!

I don’t seem to be able to find a bottle date so I am not sure how old it may be sitting at. I did find this black IPA a lot more bitter than Great Lakes Apocalypse Later which is an Imperial Black IPA as well as more bitter than Dunham’s Imperial Black IPA reviewed below. But it still stands as one of the few very fantastic Black IPAs I have consumed thus far from Quebec. The rating below only relates to this specific tasting.

4/5 (4.25/5 if fresh)

Imperial Black IPA

ABV: 8.6%
IBU: 117

Bottled – Unknown
Drank – March 16, 2016

From the darkness this beer gives off a crazy amount of hops with less roasted malts attacking the palate. The flavour this beer offers is a large amount of roasted coffee notes with some intense hop handshakes. I can enjoy this Imperial Black IPA any day. It is absolutely great to sip down and it’s very easy drinking. Has a great mix of roasted flavours and hoppyness which are melding great within the darkness. Works well to create a great balance and not as bitter as the regular Black IPA, and fairly smooth compared to the Great Lakes Apocalypse Later. My advice to beer drinkers who have not dove into black IPAs, dont be afraid of the Imperial written before black and don’t look to much at the abv. This is a must try black IPA, enjoy in the darkness for an added experience. I’m only kidding, if you drink this in the dark it will only lead to injury and spills.



Written by HopCitizen. Photography by HopCitizen.

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