Pit Caribou: Sours, Wilds, and so on

Few months ago Pub Pit Caribou in Montreal celebrated their one year anniversary with quite the celebration, I missed what seems like a crazy dance party at night, However, I was there during the day. Along with a list of great draft beers and special bottled beers the event was an occasion for all walks of craft beer drinkers to rejoice in the celebration of Pub Pit Caribou along with the crew from Pit Caribou. The brewery is actually located in Anse-a-Beaufils, Quebec, several hours east of Montreal, just recently celebrating their 10th year in production. But a pub has been open in Montreal for a year now, and upon its opening the craft beer community rejoiced! Having opened in 2007 it was part of the large surge of breweries opening during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, it is safe to say that Pit Caribou is among some of the older craft breweries in Quebec. Their beer was one of the first few I tried when I came to Quebec back in 2011 and I remember seeking out some IPAs and came across their IPA. With excitement I cracked it open, however, for me it just didn’t cut it. Their porter however blew me away! Since then I have seen many new beers being released from Pit Caribou and most recently they have been killing it with their line of sour/wild ales.


What was supposed to be a quick pint and a beer exchange with a friend turned into a very long afternoon thanks to Mr. Caribou himself, Francis Joncas. Bottle after bottle was opened and consumed together and I was able to taste some of these crazy sour and wild ales being produced. And they were all down right delicious!


Essai 1248
Sour/Wild Ale || ABV: 4.5% || IBU: –

The beer is described as a sour influenced by the brewing process of a Gueuze minus the spontaneous fermentation. Aged 1.5 years in pinot noir barrels. The aroma on this beast is bloody solid! It has a very nice earthy funk that resonates into your bones. The taste is divine with the nice earhty, funky and spiciness kicking boldly up front on the palate. The end trails have a powerful yeast finish adding a beautiful crisp finish. The pinot noir adds a serene acidic character that isn’t too mellow but also isn’t too overpowering.


Sour/Wild Ale || ABV: 4.5% || IBU: –


Described as an aged wheat beer which spent 7 months in whiskey barrels and further aged 10 months in pinot noir barrels. Additionally added was 3 month aged berliner weisse with peaches. The reoccurring theme with these sour/wild ales is the aroma is simply on point. One beer after the other, the aroma has all the amazing notes you want ascending onto your sense of smell. One of the most important steps of enjoying a beer is to have a spectacular aroma which prepares your palate for an experience beyond its wildest dreams. On the nose you get a burst of peaches, fruits and a minor oak touch. On the taste I am getting some spicy oak, pinot noir and peach. All mixing together to create an explosion experience. It’s absolutely amazing! Super smooth, spicey, clovey, bits of the whiskey coming thru and bits of the pinot, just a solid mix, combination and balance of everything. Dance mofo dance!

Everything is exploding in ma mouth like Fireworks!


Flore Du Quebec
Saison || ABV: 5.0% || IBU: –


This one is a 100% quebec saison. Made with all Quebec ingredients. The aroma, as is the repeating experience with these beers, is down right fantastic! It utilizes exclusive yeast which was harvested on cherry wood by specialists working with Pit Caribou just 10 kilometers from the brewery. The aroma gives off some fruits, yeasts, and soap aromas. The taste is all about that floral feel. The floral feel if over done can destroy a beer for me. But even though this beer holds a very strong floral presences and the spot light is on the floral notes, it has got it down the perfect border between overdone and just right. It is super easy to drink and with a great clean finish! I am also getting a bit of a minor woody honey kick to it. Did I just eat a flower? So what. I like flowers.. ill eat flowers if it taste like this.


No.13 Tennessee
Saison || ABV: 5.0% || IBU: –


Porters, oh how I have fallen in love with my porters. There is someting about that roasted, tobacco and coffee characters which I just love to feel around my palate. Although I do not drink coffee anymore, haven’t since 10 years now, I am a smoker, so maybe those two characters of me combined give way for my enjoyment of these wonderful beers. This particular beer has a super creammmy frothy head! The Aroma hits you with roasted coffee out the ass!!! The taste touches your lips with its super creamy heavy body followed by a solid tobac feel. Coffee and cigarettes. It does have a heavier body than I had anticipated, but the heavy body for me is balancing out due to the taste it is giving off.


It has been a long time coming that I have wanted to write an article about Pit Caribou, but I was waiting for the right time to present itself. And well this past year has surely been sending me signals that the time is now! I am happy to personally endorse any of these beers, they are all out of this world! Further more I can’t wait to see what they have in store next!


Words + Photography by Hopcitizen

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