The WildShack

The Wild Shack is a combination of friendship, love of beer, great brewing techniques and fantastic recipes. Maxime and Remi, the two behind this home brewery have been friends for a long time, and their passion for beer far exceeds the simplistic search for consumption. Like many others, the two have taken their love for beer to a whole new level by starting to make their own. Furthermore, their beers can easily rival any mainstream microbrewery beer in Quebec and I say this with the utmost confidence.

Their philosophy on a Sunday or Monday is to spend the day drinking awesome brew and brewing their own at the same time, whilst skimming through magazines of brewing, looking through recipes, and creating their own ideas to implement in their own practice, and creating their own interesting techniques and hop combinations. I came across these guys through Noah Forrest, better known as Beerism, who mentioned to me that their beers are a must try for any beer lover currently residing in Quebec. Remi is also one out of two people that started the Quebec beer exchange facebook page, encouraging beer drinkers a like to spread around good beer to those seeking it, and create a community which can be tight nit and enjoy great beer together. (granted there can be some disagreements between traders)

The Wild shack continues to impress me with their beer time and time again. Each beer I have picked up from them has been beyond my expectations of a home brew. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to take part in a beer share with Max and Remi on a Monday (They’re brewing day) and beyond their great beer, they are two very down to earth individuals, and love sharing great beer with anyone who is willing. This is the essence of what makes The Wild Shack run, their kindness, techniques, knowledge, passion and their overall attitude and love for a solid beer community is what makes their beer just so damn tasty.

Tonys Awkward Erection

American Wheat Farmhouse
ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 49

Wild Shack really doesn’t disappoint. This farmhouse ale has an amazing farmhouse/saison taste, along with a minor sour tartness  that plays along very well with the style. The flavours directly compliment each other and Wild Shack has done an amazing job at keeping it at bay without overpowering the rest of the journey. Other brewers tend to unbalance the two and when one over powers the other it tends to take away from the beer in my opinion. Of course that is all a matter of preference because others would disagree with me.


Dr. Rudis Awkward Erection

American Wheat Farmhouse
ABV: 6%
IBU: 42

This farmhouse is 100% Dr. Rudi hops, a hop variety known as a super alpha from New Zealand. Very nice flavour and very nice aroma too. A very different take on a farmhouse ale. What makes this beer fantastic is how smooth it is, and the Rudi hop adds an incredible explosion. Gave me an awkward erection indeed, thank God I have my wife next to me (sometimes strange jokes are just needed).



ABV: 6.2%
IBU: 63

100% brett
100% galaxy

Galaxy is probably my second favourite hop variety after Citra. Very nice aromas and very hoppy. You can smell the Brett yeasts that give off that distinct saison aroma. An amazing IPA, very smooth, very sour and not bitter. Their take of an IPA has combined their signature farmhouse style ale and mashed it together with an IPA, and a great one at that. They have done a great job at marrying the two flavours together and I will be sure to get more when this beer returns.


Thus far I have yet to have any beer brewed by these two masters that disappoints, or doesnt meet my expectations. Can’t wait to try more! If you are getting an awkward erection reading about them, then I can guarantee to you with absolute certainty that The Wild Shack can satisfy your sexual desires, I mean Beer needs. To get a taste of their heavenly beer you can send them a message through their Facebook page.

Written by HopCitizen. Photography by HopCitizen.

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