Journee Double IPA // Les Trois Mousquetaires Part I

The day has arrived when Les Trois Mousquetaires will release their well awaited Double IPA. I have heard many glorious stories about this beer but have no stories of my own to share. This year I hope to have LTM create a long lasting memory of beer, good people, sunshine and a whole lot of fun. Oh dammit wait, it’s already winter! Well at least there will be good people and great beer! From what I have heard from colleagues and other beer drinkers LTM’s Double IPA is one for the books. I have been waiting a long time for the moment I can get my hands on it. Being fairly new to the Quebec beer scene, I missed my opportunity last year because I wasn’t well connected enough to know about it! And oddly enough this year I had a wedding to attend an hour and a half away from Montreal on the same day. So it worked out well that they had to move their release over! For those that may not be aware, LTM did something that all us beer lovers cherish. The philosophy by which a brewery lives by is essential to us who enjoy their craft. After brewing this years batch of DIPA to be released as always during their celebrations in August, they realized their batch was not up to par. Although it hurts the brewery,  they drained it all and canceled the event all together. Because they did not want to give the consumers a batch of beer they do not feel lives up to the quality which they stand by. It is a philosophy to be saluted! This is usually a dent in the breweries finances, but craft breweries choose their clients over their finances almost everytime! Ill just say this will be one crazy day, and I’m sure will definitely create a long lasting memory.

“Hey hun you remember that one time you went to a beer release 4 hours before your cousins wedding?” the wife says so eloquently. I turn my head in endearment looking up and reminiscing the amazing memories, then suddenly realize that my cousin is sitting next to me. He glares at me and exclaims “Whaaaat?!” (P.S I also snuck away for 30mins from a Bachelor party to go to Bellwoods Brewery). Points to self “This man is crazy!” That is all I have to say about the matter.

Although that memory wont be happening, there will still be a crazy one in the books. It will be that time I went straight from work to a beer release. Oh wait, that happens all too many times.

Photo Credit Decapsule

After reading so much about this beer and the brewery, and after trying their new IPA, I am almost certain that the Double IPA will shake me to my core, and I am nothing short than ecstatic about finally getting a taste of this ether. This article serves as an announcement for this spectacular event and bottle release. But I will follow up with a Part II in the coming weeks, talking about my experiences at the brewery and the beer itself! You can read up on all the details of the release and the party Here. Below I’ve added some details anyways! I strongly urge you to go attend this event and enjoy some IPA, in the cold, wet weather. IPA in the winter you say? IPA all year round I say! Because you know Game of Thrones has already told us…. “Winter is here.”  And even the skies have told us this. I’m nervous for the pending doom that awaits us all. So lets toast a glass and enjoy some beer, until the next time we all suffer the wrath of this winter at Dieu Du Ciels anniversary release next month!

Journee Double IPA
December 9 8am – 8pm
December 10 8am – 2pm

3755-C Boul. Matte, Brossard, Quebec J4Y 2P4 (Brewery Address)

Also don’t forget to check out Beerism’s announcement Thursday about the special Baltic Porter aged LTM will be releasing along with their DIPA. Part II coming soon!

An Article by HopCitizen. (Heading photo credit Beerism)

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