Beauregard x Vox Hops: Makers of the Deep

Beauregard Brasserie Distillerie is a microbrewery in Montreal took a course different from most young breweries, they decided to go against the grain in their business plan, and I would say it paid off. Most new breweries which open their doors, take the standard course of having their IPAs as the main seller to gain a financial standing as a platform to create experimental beers and or styles they hoped to produce. Beauregard instead went straight for the gold, they wanted to make dark beers, and that is what they did! Their line of beers only includes beers focused on the dark nature, stouts and porters. Recently after much anticipation, I finally made it over to the brewery to taste some of their finest onsite selections and left with some large bottles.

To make this visit even more spectacular I sat down with Matt McGachy from Vox & Hops to have a chat about as he says, “about lives, music and craft beer.” He mostly covers metal musicians from all over the world, however since this podcast is 50% craft beer related, he interviews brewers, brewery owners, as well as media personalities such as myself. It was a great pleasure to have this chat with him while we consumed some great stouts and porters. You can here the podcast HERE. Matt, is the current vocalist of Death metal band Cryptopsy from Montreal, Quebec. And being a hard hitting metal head myself, this interview was that much more special, our current chat was centered around craft beer, and hopefully our future chats can lean more about Heavy Metal, because it is certainly a big part of my life, and drives me in many ways that most people can not understand, but Matt and many of you others out there certainly do! Stay metal! Headbang motherfuckers!

Beauregard, started by two brothers, Jonathan and Sébastien Coutu, is their mothers maiden name and a great homage to their family. Out of the few beers I have tried previously and the several I tried on site and at home, their beers are focused on the decadent flavors and aromas we all dream for our stouts to have. With a decent barrel program some of their beers are contained in those barrels and are re born into a different representation of their base. Below are three of the bottles they released for their 1 year anniversary, they were difficult to get through on my own, seeing as the ABV is on the high end. But were all a pleasure to consume! Excited to see where they go next!

Porter Blatique Bourbon Aged 
Porter || ABV: 8.6% || IBU: 30

The aroma boasts a rustic and roasty profile. The taste is a super nice punchy roasty with an amazing sticky mouthfeel. The profile lingers past each sip, leaving a sense of elation on the taste buds with a bourbon woodyness. With loads of chocolate flavours and a mapley mouth feel continuing to dance around. It also maintains a easy rustic quality, this is divine!

Imperiale Choco-Noisette
Imperial Stout || ABV: 10.3% || IBU: 40

The aroma dominates mostly with the barrel, the taste has a bold rustic attack but is a bit one dimensional in taste in my opinion. The taste profile mostly exudes roasty and chocolate qualities, which no doubt are still delicious! But I feel it could use a bit more complexity to make it shine.

Imperiale Extra Bourbon 
Imperial Stout || ABV: 11.9% || IBU: 40

The aroma has a boozy bourbon sweetness with a woody tingling. The taste has a leather bourbon but mouthfeel is sticky and lingers. It is a bit bold but very solid, does have rustic leather taste going on, which can be a tad off putting. But it is a bold beer so it was anticipated! The way the bourbon is playing on the tasting notes in this beer is absolutely on point!

As Matt says, When in doubt one more stout! Cheers!

Check out Vox & Hops podcast, and follow along, especially if your a metal head and certinly if you like craft beer!

Check out Vox & Hops by following the links below!

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