Having started my craft beer journey in California, I was heavily exposed to a lot of different IPAs, most of them hop explosions with that intense hop aroma. IPAs have exploded in the craft beer scene, and have become a staple of beer, but it is not the only style of beer. Most craft beer drinkers now a days tend to only drink IPAs and I am to a part one of those people. However I do drink various different styles of beer, so I am somewhat set apart from the IPA types. And being an IPA type or a Hop Head is not a horrible thing, I love being a so called Hop Head. However there is so much more glory to experience outside of the Hop intense world. But, I love my IPAs. The purpose of this website came about due to my sudden need for finding some nice IPAs in Montreal, Quebec where I have been living for the past four years.

Having had several amazingly Hop forward IPAs whilst in California I craved the need to find that flavour again. I only really dipped into the craft beer scene in Quebec properly this year after my short trip to Chicago. And upon my return I began a so called Witch Hunt for the Quebec IPAs that tickle my fancy the style of IPA where I can feel right at home in California. Thus you will notice most of my posts and reviews will predominantly contain IPAs, Double/Imperial IPAs, and Pale Ales. However, these will not be the only beers that I will talk about, I will also cover other styles of beer. IPAs is where my Craft Beer adventure began, and for now that is what’s gearing me. We all know taste changes with age, and as I mature, the array of beers I enjoy will too and they already have been. It’s been a struggle to find that nice hop explosion IPA in Quebec, but my search for the California west coast style IPA has led me to some amazing Quebec IPAs that are hiding in little corners of this province, and that is the purpose for this blog! To document my journey to find those IPAs that really explode with Hops, as well as to document other beers that I am enjoying and trying from Quebec, other parts of Canada, as well as several from USA. I can’t deny a nice pint of Blonde or Red Ale which Quebec seems to be a staple at producing, not to forget about they’re stouts!

I began this website because my friends have always told me they enjoy listening to me talk about beer and they feel I am very well knowledge. However, to their disappointment im still fairly young in my knowledge of beer. I am their go to guy for beer questions and suggestions. This website will not only contain reviews and blogs but will also include a map of places, of all the Craft Beer locations here in Montreal, and eventually in other places like San Francisco and Chicago. Furthermore you can find under the Beer 101 tab, a little knowledge about beer, the brewing process, the different hop styles, the different beer types and so on. My reviews may not be your typical beer reviews that you read online, or be the way most talk about beer and that is because, I find everyone who reviews tends to writes the same thing, or says the same thing over and over for the most part in terms of details about the beer, but of course with their own opinions and twist. Which is sort of the point but it is not what I am focused to do. So you may find I do things a little differently. So this website is a documentation of my IPA journey, slight education on beer, reviews of beer, and many other insights which include discussions on certain breweries, as well as some insight and news about the Craft Beer culture, including market share, expansions, and so on and so forth. Welcome and I hope you stick around for more!


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