La Voie Maltée

La Voie Maltée located north east of Quebec city was a very random pick for me. We may not realize just how much artwork actually plays into our psyche when selecting our beer, but it has a very sizeable impact on our selection. And as we all know craft beer always has some fucking dank artwork. I was taking my usual weekend visit to Depanneur Peluso when I came across two new beers on Peluso’s new releases shelf. There was something about the simplicity of the design that I found intriguing. The text was very light, airy, wavy and curvy. Each delicate curve caught my eye and my interest began to rise, my eyes began to wane and sway. You would almost think I’m talking about a woman here, but I am actually talking about the beer. They were available in a 4 pack of cans standing at 16oz / 437ml, with that same 4 pack holder which Heady Topper comes in. I didn’t hesitate to pick one up and it blew me away. I hadn’t seen their ratings on rate beer till recently and am surprised how low their beers are rated. Even though I only had the chance so far to try three of them, I was shocked at their ratings. And that is why I constantly boast about not paying attention to ratings so much. What’s rated low on rate beer doesn’t mean you wont like it. It may not be a “top” beer, but a lot of the so called “low rated beers” can become personal favourites. It’s all a matter of personal preference and taste. I enjoyed two of their offerings, their pale ale and their imperial IPA and I’ve had both twice! Unless something really changed in their brewing process or recipe, I don’t see why I wouldn’t like them when I have them again! I do agree on a more competitive level it doesn’t hold as strong as some other contenders, but I will give credit where it is due!


La Soutien-Gorge
Imperial IPA || ABV: 8.2% || IBU: –

This was one of the few first imperial IPAs from Quebec I tried. Others included Auval’s outstanding Super A and few from Charlevoix. Since my interest in this brewery grew when their cans arrived on shelves last year, I did consumed them a while back but am just now getting a chance to write about them. There have really only been a few imperial IPAs from Quebec that I’ve actually liked, and this was one of them. I wouldn’t say it’s the best beer ever or the top imperial IPA in Quebec, but for a imperial IPA available year round and always on shelves, it’s a solid one! In general there is a lacking of IPAs that stand against the USA giants, and to me this is one that at least scratches the surface. To me there are only a few IPAs that hold up against some of the really good American IPAs from down south, to name two, Yakima IPA and Auval Nordet IPA.

Voie Maltee’s Imperial IPA has aromas that are pretty malty with hints of hops and a pretty strong sensibility. Very smooth start to taste with a severe bitter end. But it’s a bitterness that wouldn’t overpower the beer, but one that adds to the overall definition of the flavour. It’s your everyday USA Imperial IPA, smooth but with extra bitterness and not too hoppy. And so it stands as a everyday Quebec imperial IPA, and it deserves to be sitting at a good place because I can enjoy this beer any time I want. And I am sure to grab some more in the future.


La Faisant-Malt
Pale Ale || ABV: 5.2% || IBU: –

Yet another good beer from Voie Maltee. It’s no hop explosion and wont compete with American Pale Ales but it is a very smooth minor hopped beer. It’s very balanced, light and crisp with hints of citrus. As far as competition goes with other Pale Ales this falls short, but as far as my enjoyment of the beer, I love it and will have it more often!


Barley wine || ABV: 10% || IBU: –

Aroma gives off a very rustic, raisin, malty kick. Flavour is on the more malty side of things. I feel like the malts are pretty overpowering and it isn’t leaving much room for the other flavours to shine and it also has a very bitter finish. Not my kind of barley wine to be honest, but then again I’ve mentioned before I realize now that I am not much of a barley wine fan. Although barrel aged barley wines j’adore!



Written by HopCitizen. Photography by HopCitizen.

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