Hill Farmstead Double Galaxy: Double Rainbow

Anyone remember that Double Rainbow video that when basaltic over the internet several years back? Well this is one of those moments, an absolutely fantastic offering from Hill Farmstead Brewery brewery from Greensboro, Vermont. And pretty much like being drugged up and seeing a double rainbow. Except without the weird psychedelics and instead of a rainbow, it’s the galaxy hop and well beer.



One of the few things that I admire about Hill Farmstead is their focus on family. The brewery stands on the grounds which housed many generations of Shawn Hill’s family. And in their honor he has named the beers after his forefathers / foremothers. I also see family as very important and for Shawn Hill to pay homage to his family in this amazingly original manner is worth acknowledging.

Hill Farmstead, recently rated #1 brewery in the whole world, has been one of my recent new trials. Their many offerings have stood the test of time in terms of the flavor, quality and consistency. It was only recently I was finally able to get my hands on several fresh growler fills and bottles. I had the esteemed honor to have one of their spectacular offerings on draft over the weekend. The Double Galaxy, one of the many Imperial IPAs they offer and this one is exclusively dry hopped with the Australian hop variety Galaxy as part of their single hop series. The Galaxy hop is one of my few favorite hop varieties. This is mostly due to its fruity characteristics, with citrus, peach and passion fruit flavors bursting through onto your taste buds Galaxy hopped IPAs are known to be hop explosions. And those nice tropical IPAs are my all-time favorites.



Double Galaxy
Imperial IPA
ABV: 7.8%
Hops: Galaxy

A very juicy and hoppy beer with a very nice mellow bitterness bite along with a very nice malty flavor to finish things off. Most IPAs that tend to be malty have that typical molasses maltyness. But all of Hill Farmsteads IPA offerings have a very nice light, sweet malty flavor, which is not heavy and doesn’t overpower the hops. It lets the hops shine and do their magic, which I love. It’s not crazy bitter and was so nice I had it thrice. I couldn’t resist or get enough of this one and I don’t think I will be able to control myself in the future, when I see this one again I’ll be all over it. A true delight in every manner.




Written by HopCitizen, Photography by HopCitizen


Your Ordinary Beer

Oh and here is a reminder for the double rainbow for those that don’t remember it.



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