Perspective: Theorizing the New

My perspective on this new, young brewery is that they will go far and walk on the shoulders of giants. Just an early taste of this brewery has me very excited for what is to come! I say this because for a young brewery to produce a first batch of cans that meets the level of quality for me personally is hard to find. Not because a particular place is not worthy or doesn’t brew really great beer. But mostly because it always takes a bit of fine tuning here and there to start off after your first cans. But Perspective for me has hammered out some solid first brews one after the other. This site is an honest space, so I will say there was a few that missed the beat for me. But as stated that is natural for a new brewery and their first few batches. But the many outweigh the few with this brewery, and they are theorizing what it is to be a new up and coming brewery. There are many theories one can think of when starting a brewery, and I am far from an expert on this point, but here are some of the ideas I think would be going through a new breweries minds when starting out. This is introducing Perspective Microbrasserie.

Located in Saint-Liboire, Quebec, just further out from the south shore of Montreal, After a long many many months of development and planning they recently opened and released their first rounds of cans in early March. My curiosity for a new brewery and how it comes to be never waned and I was lucky to get an early taste of what they had to offer.

But what really goes into opening a new brewery? Here are some of my theories.

Theorie #1

First Theory of the law of opening up a new brewery: A new brewery should take the time to do many rounds of quality check batches to really perfect their knowledge of how their own personal brewing equipment works. This is a process most breweries partake in before they start out. Its a natural process to really develop their relationship with their brewing equipment. Any new equipment takes time to become accustomed to and comes with a lag time you could say. This lag time is the time it takes to brew some first batches, which may not meet the quality standards, or the taste standards you hoped for, because things do happen, but it is the breweries main goal when releasing their first beers to the market, “Well this whole ordeal is all new to us. Being a home brewer converted to pro brewer with a whole new setup it was a lot of learning, reading and restless nights going through the whole production process in our heads. In the end, our new setup is pretty similar to my home brewer one but scales up 40X.” Brian Wilcox the co-owner had to say about this interesting sort of honeymoon phase. With each subsequent batch as you learn how the system functions with your recipes, you land on that “Ah-ha” moment, and then you are ready for that first public brew. Which will showcase to your colleagues in the industry, the consumers and to your selves what you are really capable of. But sometimes this can go the opposite to what you expect, as Brian further explained “Our first test batch (Session – mosaic) was doomed to go down the drain but as it turned out, it was pretty decent. Actually, it caught me by surprise – No drain pours!” He continued on to what would be the next step in this wonderful journey, “We then decided to go straight ahead with Théorie #1 which also came out good. In the end, we only used the skills we honed for the last 5 years to brew out our first batches. Let’s hope the next batches, as we adjust our recipes, come out to the level we want them to be.” That is what I call foreshadowing. Well not me personally, but literary language would dictate. And also presented in this article.

Theorie #1 is Perspectives first beer produced in cans for public, and its a double dry hopped Citra IPA coming in at 6.3%. Citra comes from the family of what I call tropical juice bomb hops. Because they are focused on aromatics, they bring forth the most juicy, tropical characters I have seen from any hops. The hop doesn’t do the work however, the work has to come from the brewer and knowing how to really utilize this hop to its full potential. In this beer the Citra hop is doing just that. I did have this can a bit too early, my eagerness was not easily contained. Not only was that label artwork from Miss Wilcox incredibly appealing, knowing it was a Citra Double Dry Hopped IPA, it had me at Citra. The taste does give off a chalky dusty feel and a bit of a hop burn, which tells me it is still a bit young. But overall the taste is very fruity still with not much bitterness coming forward. And has a very creamy mouthfeel with a dry finish.

Artwork by MissWilcox

A big part of their line up currently focuses on hazy IPAs and these days with the plethora of options available, I was curious to find out how they intend to stand out from the crowd.

“Well it’s going to be hard to stand out. A lot of great breweries out there making awesome Hazies. Our goal is to support local buys and try to make our way with good brews + decent hops combo. We don’t have big productions, so hopefully our hazies will all be drank fresh 🙂 One of our playground beer is the “Théorie” where we’re having fun with it – modifying grain, yeast and hop combos. Let us know which one you guys like better!”

Theorie #2

Second theory of the law of opening up a new brewery: Seeing the potential of what their brewing system can accomplish and once they get accustomed to it, they really hit the ground running. With Theorie #2, they went from a DDH Citra IPA to a DDH Citra Mosaic IPA and hit a solid home run for me. The aroma shouts juicy as if its screaming for “STELLLLAAAAA” sorry a little old school cinema reference. Back to the beer. Perspective utilized Mosaic in this beer just the way I like it, giving off the perfect juicy almost jelly like qualities of the mosaic hop. It does lean towards a bit of a thinner body, but for me that works perfectly as it creates an environment for easy drinking with the focus on the very bold punchy flavour point. Its one of those taste over body feelings for me. Its not always about the looks you could say, but what’s inside that counts. Inner beauty and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and whatever other saying you can think of. For me this is a grand slam of a beer! Just like Buster Posey and his world series wonders back in the day! (SF Giants Baseball, not relevant to this country.), got one better, Carey Price blocking all them shots!

Artwork for me is a very important part of my life. I am an artist myself working as a VFX artist in the Film and Television industry, and there exists a certain level of discredit in our industry. Where many times over our names are not included in the credits. And honestly who sits to watch the credits anyways? But Marvel Studios created a phenomenon where people waited for something at the end. And anyways, why not have your name and credit for the work you’ve done be displayed? The chef gets named. Anyways this is not a rant about VFX, but ahem, there is a bit of that in this industry too. And I am happy to see that changing a slight bit. Perspective (and few others) proudly displays the name of the artists responsible for the label work on their cans. And I absolutely love it,

Art by Isabelle Vachon

“Glad to hear about your artist background. Beers labels are a whole world of possibilities. Very simple to intricate illustrations, we have tons of possibilities. When we started planning our branding, we really wanted to get some dope art on our cans. We have so many great artists so we decided to give 50% of our labels to original artworks from artists. Local artists to well known ones were approached (or approached us) in order to get some well deserved visibility. Being from a fine arts and graphic design background myself, our thought of giving some simple promotion to them was well worth the effort. The front part of our cans is a whole other story which is the brand unfolding/evolving. We’re using a lot of colours + perspective views trying to make our cans stand out while keeping a standardized global look. But what we really want is for people to grab a can for what’s inside and, while drinking the juice, admiring the work on them. 
PS: Any artists that would like to appear on our cans – get in contact with us! “

Although Theorie 2 was my personal favorite, I do understand hazy IPAs can sometimes get tricky at times, you hear they are easy to brew, but not everyone can nail them, Brian weighs in, “At the moment, we’re still a very young brewery and we haven’t got any oxidation or bad flavour profile. We do like our hazies a bit more round compared to Théorie #2. Let’s hope T3 will get people a better view where we’re trying to head. We’ll try to get T4 in a middle ground from T1 and T3! Or maybe not!”

Theorie #3

The Third theory of the law of opening up a brewery, and certain not the last, but so far Perspective has only reached 3. So here it is, Breezing through and being able to focus on the beers rather than the brewing equipment. This allowed them to introduce a tri hopped IPA, this one with Galaxy, Citra, and Strata. This one being their most complex of the three, introducing a culmination of tropical citrusy citra with tropical galaxy and the mellon punch from strata. Together they create a very balanced hoppy fruity profile, with the strata dominating more than I would have preferred. There is a very overripe melon dominance to it. It does give way to a slight sweet point but its very minimal and not dominating the beer in anyway. The main focus seems to encircle that strata hop for me. The finish is very clean and easy and leaves your palate satisfied and waiting for #4.

All these laws were followed by Perspective and although releasing very small amounts at the moment, and not so well known, they are sure to reach a hype very soon! Thier theorie line is not the only line they drop, their light sour was phenomenal and they just dropped a stout recently, and I certainly can’t wait to get my.. uh. Ass over there as soon as Covid is over and I can enjoy some beer at their taproom (once its open). Get your hands on these beauties if you can! Low distribution, your best bet is to take a drive and stock up!


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